Why Us

M&S Team

Local Leader ( SME ) in Travel Industry.

Our MICE programs will have wow factors inbuilt. even at the rekeys or fam/inspection tours. Being a leader in the travel industry locally SLAITO/SLAPCEO) we are equipped with extensive industry knowledge and a wide range of MICE products and services across all nine provinces. We are able to provide excellent travel experiences at an affordable prices.

Client wisdom

Clients are unique we don’t argue that. Hence assume nothing but listened and create their requirement in our local material. As frequent travellers ourselves, we are committed to deliver exciting, enlightening and long lasting memories, and provide you with the same. We appreciate every management has varying expectations and requirements & high level of service standards that we would expect to deliver in all customer touch point.

A Unique, “WOW” Experience

We understand the importance of “Value for Money”. We love what we do.
We are Passionate about travel. We love our country. Through our experiences, we identify your objectives and match them with unique solutions and offerings. Our MICE international and local staff work together to plan and deliver your hand-picked blend of travel experiences, to make it a Uniquely Srilankan and never to repeat experience.


At M&S, we integrated the principles of social responsibility into our various areas of operations and in our proposed itineraries to our clients. Social responsibility is giving back to the community by creating beneficial change and making a positive difference to the lives of others.

Our tours provide opportunities for your guest /Team/staff to engage in community projects in the  education, Social or conservation sectors around the island. Generally, our projects do not require any specific skills, just a desire to lend a hand, and willingness to learn more about what life is like in needy communities around the world.

Volunteerism in Young Children

Its My school .Visits to School in the iternarary. Activities will involve providing the local children with basic skills and knowledge and creating an environment in which enables them to reach their full potential. Donate a “Shoe box”.



Improving the standard of living by helping them to fix or build basic amenities. Currently we are installing water filters to the community. Since the Kidney is a major Cause of death and social disorder in the selected regions.


Environment Conservation

Protecting fragile ecosystems and also increasing awareness for environment conservation. Plant a local plant and contribute financially to the major Forest restoration programe.


Animals Protection

Contributing to the protection of endangered animal species.

Turtle Hatchery and Elephant transit (care not Orphanage)